Chef Mark Hix becomes pizza delivery boy

Chef Mark Hix becomes pizza delivery boy for one night only, as he joins forces with Clapham Junctions’s coolest pizza take-away joint, Manifesto, on Thursday 29th November.

Ever wished you could have chef Mark Hix turn up at your door on a Vespa with your pizza order in hand? Of course you have. The British chef has joined forces with organic, ingredient-led pizzeria Manifesto on Northcote Road, Clapham Junction, to create two Hix-inspired pizzas for their seasonal menu. Launched by former Natoora Director Vittorio Maschio earlier this year, the no-frills pizzeria has quickly become of London’s coolest take-away spots, serving the slow-proved, biga-style pizza at affordable prices.

pizzeria Manifesto

pizzeria Manifesto

To celebrate his two guest pizzas, Mark will don his leathers and personally deliver the first ten pizzas ordered from 1pm on Thursday 29th November. Open to lucky Battersea/Clapham residents living within a one mile radius of Manifesto, those first off the mark will see Hix delivering his creations in person, as they enjoy his very British take on pizzas in the comfort of their own homes.

New Classes from Magpie Dance

Magpie Dance have launched new inclusive contemporary dance classes with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Classes start this Friday and continue till the end of November. They’re a drop in basis so no booking is necessary.

Magpie Dance drop-in: Royal Academy of Dance
Weekly drop in class from 21 September – 30 November (excluding Friday 26 October for half term).
Location: Royal Academy of Dance, 36 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA
Places available
Day/Time: Fridays, 17:45 – 19:15

Suitable for: 16+ Adults both with and without learning disabilities

These sessions offer adults over 16, both with and without learning disabilities, the opportunity to develop skills in contemporary dance technique. Our unique and highly accessible inclusive dance methodology is about facilitating dancers to express their artistic voice.

For dancers with learning disabilities, the session offers the opportunity to develop their dance technique while supporting them to collaborate with dancers without learning disabilities; giving them greater scope and confidence to engage in mainstream programmes and activities.

Cost: £8 per session, £7 for Wandsworth residents. No booking necessary, pay as you go.


Aspire2inspire Dyslexia Annual Inspirational Dyslexic Speakers Event

Powerful speakers show that dyslexia can be a gift not a problem

Speakers at the event

Speakers at the event: (L-R) Tonisha Tagoe, Gershom J. Allen, Gaby Holford, Pennie Aston, Jannette Morgan; photo Julian Jackson

The annual Aspire2inspire Dyslexia (A2i) evening is always worth waiting for. Wandsworth saw a remarkable line-up of inspirational dyslexic people who showed how being bullied or called “stupid” in school was not going to stop them achieving their ambitions. Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning, the founder and CEO of the non-profit organisation, said “Welcome to our third year of inspirational dyslexic speakers who will share their stories, and how their struggles resulted in inspiration. Some of these speakers changed my life completely.”

Downstairs at Caius House in SW11 there was an exhibition of organisations and equipment vendors who help dyslexics and people with other challenges. The team behind Irlen glasses – which assist people who have reading problems due to imperfect colour vision, and the C-pen which scans and reads information, were there.

Tonisha Tagoe, a dyslexic lecturer, introduced the event, with the first speaker being Margaret Rooke, an author who is not dyslexic but has written several acclaimed books about dyslexia and has a dyslexic daughter: Creative, Successful, Dyslexicinterviewed various successful dyslexics; and the wryly-named Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time) takes a positive view of dyslexia in children and adults. Margaret advises “Focus on your strengths.”

The next speaker was Jasmine “Jazzy” Hearts, a 13 year old dyslexic, bullied at school, who has become a speaker and ambassador for dyslexia. Many people in the audience identified with her struggles as schools can be very cruel places to anyone who seems a bit “different”. She uses her gift for speaking to help other people now. Councillor Ian Lewer, the Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth Council, who came out publicly as dyslexic at last year’s event, said he was lucky enough to be diagnosed early and got special schooling, and extra time in exams which enabled him to start on a successful career.

After a food break the second session started with a non-dyslexic, Jannette Morgan, who supports people with dyslexia, who amazed the attendees by giving her speech in poetry. It was hard for anyone to follow that. Pennie Aston, the Founder of GroOops dyslexia charity and Gaby Holford a nutritionist and healer gave presentations on different aspects of having a positive lifestyle.

Gershom J. Allen is a very forceful speaker who says “It is all about accepting who you are, before you can become” (that is, who you want to be). His journey took him from being beaten at school in Montserrat for not being able to read, to working his way up in a factory from sweeping the floor to supervisor. “Every person with dyslexia has a gift. There are special people that are meant to do great things.” He became a coach, and a motivational speaker, like his heroes such as Tony Robbins.

Many of the speakers were quite candid about their struggles and the psychological pain of undiagnosed dyslexia, although it does seem that schools are getting better at spotting this early on and getting help to those who need it.

(L-R) Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning with Pennie Aston and Tonisha Tagoe

Overall it showed that many dyslexics find a different path in life – using their artistic, verbal, intuitive or empathic skills to benefit themselves and wider society, and that dyslexia can be a “gift” rather than a handicap.

Julian Jackson is Wandsworth Chamber’s blogger, whose interests encompass technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the environment, as well as photography and film. His portfolio is here:

BREXIT – a new online advice guide and crowdfunding campaign.

A Battersea resident’s NGO, Here for Good, has launched a new online advice guide and crowdfunding campaign.

Here for Good ( was set up to provide free immigration advice to European nationals and their family members living in the UK post-Brexit. It was co-founded by two law graduates – Isabella Mosselmans who is a Battersea resident and her friend, Tahmid Chowdhury.

Together with two leading immigration public law firms, Wesley Gryk LLP and Bindmands LLP, Here for Good has produced a new online advice guide to provide up-to-date and detailed information to European nationals and their family members about their current and future status in the UK. This Guide aims empower European nationals and let them know their rights. (

Isabella and Tahmid said: “European nationals deserve certainty and security from the country they call home. This guide begins to do that for them, and as a charity we will continue to strive to make sure that they can stay here for good.”

Co-author of the Guide, Liz Barratt, a partner and joint head of immigration at Bindmans, was recently named Immigration Lawyer of the Year by The Best Lawyer’s Directory. She said: “I hope people find our Guide helpful and that individuals will be able to support the important work of Here for Good.”

The charity has also launched a CrowdJustice Campaign to help it hire caseworkers across the country who can provide free legal advice to the most vulnerable EU citizens and their families.

Co-founder and Battersea-resident, Isabella Mosselmans, said “We have just over 2 weeks to reach our fundraising target of £25,000. This will be enough to employ one fully qualified caseworker for a year, who will change the lives of hundreds of families. We ask that people donate and share our CrowdJustice page as widely as possible. With your support, we can help European citizens stay Here for Good.”

To donate, please visit:

Gymnastic Summer School: 13 – 17th August

Location: St Marys RC Primary School, Lockington Road, SW8 4BE

9am – 12pm, new places just released. You do not have to be a member of Precision to attend!
A week filled with skills routines, floor, bars, beam, vault, games and making friends.
There will be video analysis in the classes also which you are welcome to have for free at the end of the course and we have a display day on the Friday where you can see everything that we have done!

For more info and to book please see:

Gymnastics Fun Day

Fun and games, stalls, food, gymnastics!, prizes

Monday 16th July at Latchmere Leisure Centre in the sports hall.

Events on the day:

See the squad tumbling,
6pm the raffle gets called out,
squad handstand competition (if you pick the correct gymnast you can win the box of chocolates.)

£1 entry for adults and 50p for children, most stalls are between 50p and £1 so everyone can enjoy something.

Things to Do

cakes (50p – £1),
beam wars (£1 for 3 gos),
hook a duck(50p a go),
building a house in 30 seconds (50p),
catch the balloon (50p 2 gos),
t shirts on sale (£7),
glitter tattoos (£1 each) ,
temporary transfer tattoos (£1)
bouncy castle (£2 for 5 minutes),
fairy and unicorn stall everything between (50p – £2)
Raffle (50p a ticket) with some great prizes, face painting you name it we’ve got it!! its such a great day out!!

Battersea resident launches NGO

Battersea resident launches NGO to provide free immigration advice to EEA citizens and their families

Isabella Mosselmans, a 23 year old law graduate from Battersea, has set up a new NGO to provide free immigration services to EU/EEA citizens and their families during and beyond the Brexit process.

The NGO, known as ‘Here for Good’, says it will assist with the fight for a clear and fair policy on EEA citizens’ rights by providing a free and comprehensive legal advice to those most affected and in most need.

The charity’s launch coincided with the publication of ACT NOW, a free and comprehensive guide commissioned by Here for Good. The guide, written by immigration and public law experts, sets out the practical steps individuals should take to secure their rights in the UK. It can be downloaded from Here for Good’s website here:

The founder of the charity, and Wandsworth constituent, Isabella, is curently a trainee solicitor at the immigration and asylum law firm Wesley Gryk Solicitors – one of the firms that helped write the Guide.

After having conducted extensive research, Isabella found that there was a shocking lack of organisations that provided free, or even affordable, immigration advice to EU citizens and their families in the UK. This inspired her and her friend, Tahmid Chowdhury, to set up Here for Good.

Having launched their Guide, Here for Good is due to set up a free advisory service over the next few months. The Charity will employ full-time caseworkers across the UK to provide free high-quality immigration advice to the most in-need citizens, and assist them with applications to secure their status.

Isabella stated: “With extensive support from my law firm, Wesley Gryk LLP, and also Bindmans LLP, Here for Good has created a Guide that will help tangibly improve people’s lives. At best, EEA citizens and their families are facing uncertainty in the aftermath of the referendum – our guide combats that, and our proposed advisory service will further enable people to take action to protect their rights in the UK”.

Prior to embarking on a career in immigration law, Isabella attended the London School of Economics, where she was nominated one of the university’s top 20 inspirational women in 2015 for her volunteer and campaign work. In her spare time, she helps run free-evening legal advice clinics at the Wandsworth branch of South West London Law Centres, runs a charitable project that funds the education of children in Sierra Leone, and sits on the Policy and Programmes Committee of a leading UK NGO.

Here for Good is currently in the process of fundraising to implement its advisory service. If you are interested in supporting its work, or would like more information about the upcoming service, please email:

Wash Doctors launches in Wandsworth

This service is an on demand car washing app. It is a simple and efficient idea, all you do is drop a pin on a map where you car is approximately parked, put in your registration and they will come and clean it. They therefore provide a considerably more convenient service than waiting in a long line at your local car wash!

They also feel they are much more environmentally friendly than any current car washing service! They are using new solution technology to clean a car with less that 1 litre of fluid with no run off into the water supply.

Wash Doctors, a group of 5 under-25s, was formed in 2017 and have so far had a great response from the local residents for the service.

Calling all new recruits!

Calling all new recruits! – The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association is meeting in your local neighbourhood

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association (BB) is inviting children and teenagers to get involved in a local uniformed children’s and youth group in Battersea.

The 1st Battersea BB Company started in November 2015 at 119 Heath Road, Battersea (SW8 3BB) as the area’s newest opportunity for local boys and girls to join in and experience the fun and benefits the programme can offer.

Over the coming weeks, a series of fun and practical sessions including sports and recreational activities, arts and crafts, quizzes and challenges are being held to offer boys and girls aged 8 to15 years the chance to see what The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association is all about. The group meets on Fridays from 8pm to 9:30pm.

To help ensure that the group’s plans can progress, the organisation is also seeking volunteer leaders to join the activities. Training is provided and there is flexibility in the number of volunteering hours required. It teaches people to take on new responsibilities and provides a strong team environment in which to develop a variety of leadership qualities and life skills that can be easily transferred in future life.

John Myers, Development Worker for The Boys’ Brigade said:

“The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association has a real vision for this area and is keen to get as many children, young people, and families involved as possible. We would love to see as many children and young people as possible accessing our group on a Friday evening, even if only to experience a uniformed children’s and youth organisation for a first time!

“We rely on our amazing volunteers to run the local groups and we’re appealing to people of all ages and from all walks of life to help our children and young people to have fun.

“We would love to hear from interested volunteers from 18 years upwards, who can give a commitment – weekly or on a rota to suit needs. Training is provided, so if you’re a teenager interested in obtaining some children’s work experience, or taking part in the National Citizen Service, or a parent who can help run indoor games activities or craft activities, or just help serve refreshments, please do get in touch.”


Those interested in joining in activities should call Vince on 07513 445774 or email

Grand Sandwich

The energetic covers band Jam Sandwich will play a concert in memory of local man Ed Fisk at the Clapham Grand on the 16th of June. Featuring a set list of songs that should have something for everyone, it should be a great evening for anyone who loves music and enjoys a cracking night out. Bring your singing voices and dancing shoes!!

Doors open at 6pm.

Tickets are available here:

Keep up to date with Jam Sandwich at