Celebrating Elizabeth Braundt: A Legacy Cemented at Providence House

In the heart of Battersea, a new blue plaque gleams in the sunlight, a testament to the enduring legacy of Elizabeth Braundt, the visionary founder of Providence House. This emblem of recognition, unveiled in a touching ceremony, marks more than just the physical space where Braundt’s transformative work began. It symbolizes the countless lives she touched and the community she uplifted through her unwavering dedication to service.

A Vision Born in Battersea

It was in the bustling streets of Battersea that Elizabeth Braundt saw the potential for change. Amidst the post-war reconstruction, she envisioned a place of refuge and growth for the youth—a sanctuary that would come to be known as Providence House. Her mission was clear: to create a haven where children and families could find support, education, and a sense of belonging.

The Unveiling Ceremony

The unveiling of the blue plaque was a momentous occasion, bringing together members of the community, local dignitaries, and those who had been directly impacted by Braundt’s work. As the cloth was drawn back to reveal the plaque, there was a collective intake of breath—a moment of shared pride and reflection on the profound influence of Providence House.

A Legacy That Lives On

Elizabeth Braundt may no longer be with us, but her spirit endures in the walls of Providence House and in the hearts of those it serves. The blue plaque is a beacon of hope, a reminder that one person’s compassion can ignite a flame that burns brightly for generations.

As we celebrate this well-deserved recognition, we are reminded of the power of community and the indelible mark one individual can leave on the world. Elizabeth Braundt’s legacy is not just etched in stone; it is woven into the fabric of Battersea and beyond.

Providence House continues to be a pillar of the Battersea community, embodying the values and vision of its founder. The blue plaque is not only an honour for Elizabeth Braundt but also an inspiration for all who believe in the power of giving back

Clapham’s Community Christmas Raffle

Venn Street Market (VSM) has held yearly Christmas raffles in support of the local charity Ace of Clubs for several years. Each year the Market has asked for donations from its traders who’ve been very generous in donating a variety of goods, such as bottles of wine, hampers of cheese, vouchers worth £10 to £30 and Christmas trees etc. Ticket sales each year have been very positive and the monies raised have all gone back to the Ace of Clubs.

This year VSM wants to go further by creating a new local community Christmas raffle enabling local businesses and organisations to support this community raffle and event. VSM has applied to administer a Small Society Lottery (raffle) and has invited two charities based in Clapham SW4 to receive proceeds from the raffle – they are Ace of Clubs and Royal Trinity Hospice.

To make the raffle as successful as possible we’d like to ask all Clapham businesses and organisations to donate prizes ranging from meals for two, pedicures, artwork, tickets to a show, bouquets etc. Clapham has such a great variety of businesses and organisations on its doorstep that we’re sure the prizes will be of the highest standard enticing customers to buy many tickets in advance. We also aim to organise an event fitting for a prize-winning raffle in Clapham for local residents just before Christmas to help boost interest and sales.

Overall we’re looking to raise awareness of our charities and boost local interest on the High Street with tickets available directly from local businesses. We had hoped to organise online ticket sales but there’s not enough time this year to do this, so we propose to sell tickets from local shops including Moen & Sons, Clapham Books, Apex Cycles and D Vine Cellars, benefiting all who take part..

Please contact Kate from Venn Street Market if you’d like to donate any prizes towards this year’s Christmas raffle – we aim to advertise as many donations from local businesses and organisations onto the posters to entice our residents to support this important raffle.

As we’re pushed for time please can donations be registered with Kate by the end of next week ie 14th October – just send her an email with any donations you’d like to make.. Her contact details are: kate@vennstreetmarket.co.uk or tel: 0207 622 8259.

Charity Wine Tasting Event in Tooting on 12th May

Wandsworth Oasis' Amen Corner Charity shop

Wandsworth Oasis’ Amen Corner Charity shop

Wandsworth Oasis teams up with wine merchants Hannibal Brown on 12th May for wine tasting which will raise money for people living with HIV.

Wandsworth Oasis charity is excited to announce their first tasting on 12th May from 18.30 pm in conjunction with local wine merchants, Hannibal Brown. There will be lots of businesses and local residents present so it should be a good networking event as well as an opportunity to taste some amazing and unusual wines whilst raising money for charity and having a browse around the shop at Amen Corner, Tooting.

Tickets are £25.00 each.

For more information and to book, click here: http://hannibalbrown.com/the-old-curiosity-wine-tasting-adventure

The event is on 12th May at

Wandsworth Oasis – 234-250 Mitcham Road, Amen Corner, SW17 9NT – 18:30 – 21:30


Author: this article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce’s resident blogger and copywriter – www.julianjackson.co.uk https://julianj.journoportfolio.com