The Asparagus Pub: A Fresh New Look and a New Beginning

Nestled in the heart of the community on Falcon Road, the beloved Asparagus Pub has undergone a remarkable transformation. This local favourite is set to reopen its doors on Monday, welcoming patrons old and new to experience its fresh makeover.

A New Chapter with Portobello Pub Company

The Asparagus Pub’s revitalization comes under the new stewardship of the Portobello Pub Company, known for their passion for creating warm and inviting pub atmospheres. The group’s takeover marks a new chapter for the Asparagus, promising to infuse new life while honoring the pub’s rich history.

A Makeover Worth Celebrating

The makeover, rumored to be a blend of contemporary chic and traditional comfort, aims to offer a space where everyone feels at home. Regulars can expect to find their favourite spots refreshed, and new visitors will discover a place that feels instantly familiar.

A Toast to the Future

The Asparagus Pub’s journey has been one of resilience and community spirit. From being put up for sale by Wetherspoons with a hefty £2 million price tag to now standing renewed and ready for the future, it’s a story of transformation that reflects the very essence of the neighborhood.

Join us on Monday to raise a glass to new beginnings and to the memories yet to be made at the Asparagus Pub. Here’s to good food, great company, and the start of something special.

We invite everyone to come and witness the Asparagus Pub’s new era. Whether you’re a long-time local or just passing through, there’s a seat at the bar and a story to share. See you there!

Please drink responsibly. For more information, visit Portobello Pub Company’s website or follow @portobellopubco on social media.

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