Battersea resident launches NGO

Battersea resident launches NGO to provide free immigration advice to EEA citizens and their families

Isabella Mosselmans, a 23 year old law graduate from Battersea, has set up a new NGO to provide free immigration services to EU/EEA citizens and their families during and beyond the Brexit process.

The NGO, known as ‘Here for Good’, says it will assist with the fight for a clear and fair policy on EEA citizens’ rights by providing a free and comprehensive legal advice to those most affected and in most need.

The charity’s launch coincided with the publication of ACT NOW, a free and comprehensive guide commissioned by Here for Good. The guide, written by immigration and public law experts, sets out the practical steps individuals should take to secure their rights in the UK. It can be downloaded from Here for Good’s website here:

The founder of the charity, and Wandsworth constituent, Isabella, is curently a trainee solicitor at the immigration and asylum law firm Wesley Gryk Solicitors – one of the firms that helped write the Guide.

After having conducted extensive research, Isabella found that there was a shocking lack of organisations that provided free, or even affordable, immigration advice to EU citizens and their families in the UK. This inspired her and her friend, Tahmid Chowdhury, to set up Here for Good.

Having launched their Guide, Here for Good is due to set up a free advisory service over the next few months. The Charity will employ full-time caseworkers across the UK to provide free high-quality immigration advice to the most in-need citizens, and assist them with applications to secure their status.

Isabella stated: “With extensive support from my law firm, Wesley Gryk LLP, and also Bindmans LLP, Here for Good has created a Guide that will help tangibly improve people’s lives. At best, EEA citizens and their families are facing uncertainty in the aftermath of the referendum – our guide combats that, and our proposed advisory service will further enable people to take action to protect their rights in the UK”.

Prior to embarking on a career in immigration law, Isabella attended the London School of Economics, where she was nominated one of the university’s top 20 inspirational women in 2015 for her volunteer and campaign work. In her spare time, she helps run free-evening legal advice clinics at the Wandsworth branch of South West London Law Centres, runs a charitable project that funds the education of children in Sierra Leone, and sits on the Policy and Programmes Committee of a leading UK NGO.

Here for Good is currently in the process of fundraising to implement its advisory service. If you are interested in supporting its work, or would like more information about the upcoming service, please email:

Wash Doctors launches in Wandsworth

This service is an on demand car washing app. It is a simple and efficient idea, all you do is drop a pin on a map where you car is approximately parked, put in your registration and they will come and clean it. They therefore provide a considerably more convenient service than waiting in a long line at your local car wash!

They also feel they are much more environmentally friendly than any current car washing service! They are using new solution technology to clean a car with less that 1 litre of fluid with no run off into the water supply.

Wash Doctors, a group of 5 under-25s, was formed in 2017 and have so far had a great response from the local residents for the service.

Calling all new recruits!

Calling all new recruits! – The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association is meeting in your local neighbourhood

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association (BB) is inviting children and teenagers to get involved in a local uniformed children’s and youth group in Battersea.

The 1st Battersea BB Company started in November 2015 at 119 Heath Road, Battersea (SW8 3BB) as the area’s newest opportunity for local boys and girls to join in and experience the fun and benefits the programme can offer.

Over the coming weeks, a series of fun and practical sessions including sports and recreational activities, arts and crafts, quizzes and challenges are being held to offer boys and girls aged 8 to15 years the chance to see what The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association is all about. The group meets on Fridays from 8pm to 9:30pm.

To help ensure that the group’s plans can progress, the organisation is also seeking volunteer leaders to join the activities. Training is provided and there is flexibility in the number of volunteering hours required. It teaches people to take on new responsibilities and provides a strong team environment in which to develop a variety of leadership qualities and life skills that can be easily transferred in future life.

John Myers, Development Worker for The Boys’ Brigade said:

“The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association has a real vision for this area and is keen to get as many children, young people, and families involved as possible. We would love to see as many children and young people as possible accessing our group on a Friday evening, even if only to experience a uniformed children’s and youth organisation for a first time!

“We rely on our amazing volunteers to run the local groups and we’re appealing to people of all ages and from all walks of life to help our children and young people to have fun.

“We would love to hear from interested volunteers from 18 years upwards, who can give a commitment – weekly or on a rota to suit needs. Training is provided, so if you’re a teenager interested in obtaining some children’s work experience, or taking part in the National Citizen Service, or a parent who can help run indoor games activities or craft activities, or just help serve refreshments, please do get in touch.”


Those interested in joining in activities should call Vince on 07513 445774 or email

Grand Sandwich

The energetic covers band Jam Sandwich will play a concert in memory of local man Ed Fisk at the Clapham Grand on the 16th of June. Featuring a set list of songs that should have something for everyone, it should be a great evening for anyone who loves music and enjoys a cracking night out. Bring your singing voices and dancing shoes!!

Doors open at 6pm.

Tickets are available here:

Keep up to date with Jam Sandwich at

Exciting Half-Day Course: Drive Your Business to the Next Level

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce have partnered with highly-experienced business trainers Beverley Corson and Bryan Charter to create the Engineering Business Growth Club. Beverley says, “Do you want to look back on the next twelve months and be proud and astonished by the progress you and your business have made?”

The objective of the event on 21st April is to give business owners the opportunity to invest time to think and plan their way forward for the next year.

Owners can be too focussed on the moment and the ongoing demands of their business, and this is where you will look at the bigger goals.

Beverley says, “We believe you need to have a clear picture of where you’re going and then develop a strategy for getting there. This in turn will help you to make better decisions in the moment about what to invest in, where to focus your efforts and where to invest your time if you want to grow.”

The half-day workshop, is being held on 21st April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Battersea.

During this workshop business leaders will:

Review their performance over the last year and extract the key lessons to feed into even better results over the year to come.

Learn strategies, processes and activities that are worth doing more of so they can build on them. Learn from past failures and analyse issues to identify solutions and avoid mistakes.

Clarify their vision for the next 12 months and what the next level is in their business.

“After attending this event me and my business partner were totally clear on how we needed to move forward and what to focus on next – we’d recommend it to any business wanting to grow!”, said Dom Thorpe, of Wireless Fitness Ltd after attending the previous session of this workshop earlier in the year.

The event takes place at: Crowne Plaza London
Bridges Wharf Battersea
SW11 3BE London
Friday, 21 April 2017 from 09:00 to 12:00

Cost £25.00 inc VAT.

To book

Businesses will also get an opportunity for ongoing development with the Engineering Business Growth Club. Both this event and the Business Growth Club are being delivered in partnership with Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce.

Author: This article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce’s resident blogger and copywriter –

New Community Dyslexia Organisation Wins Council Funding

Aspire2inspire Dyslexia is a new charitable organisation in Wandsworth, founded in April 2016 by Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning as a response to her dyslexia. She didn’t learn to read or write until she was 15 years old. Bullied by at school other children who asked if she was, “Slow, lazy or stupid?” Clearly, she isn’t, having not only a degree but post-graduate qualifications, but the lack of diagnosis has been a hampering factor.

Although she eventually received support while she was at University, she felt there was a lack of both awareness and one-to-one support for people living with dyslexia. In a written-oriented culture dyslexics struggle with spelling, words, books, and the dreaded form to fill in – most people don’t like filling in forms, but it is much worse when words slip away from you.

So, undaunted, while she was unemployed, she started A2i Dyslexia with £1.25 because she felt the community needed this initiative. A team of volunteers helped out. “They’re really great, I couldn’t have done it without them,” says Elizabeth. The aim of the organisation is to increase awareness of dyslexia within the community and encourage entrepreneurship amongst dyslexic people. The organisation is planning to apply to become a registered charity.

At first, A2i Dyslexia was purely voluntary as Elizabeth felt she had to establish it and show that it works. After a Wandsworth Council Business Forum, she talked to millionaire Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers, who was supportive. Recently A2i Dyslexia have just been awarded a £8799 grant from Wandsworth Council to implement small projects around the borough, particularly children’s services. Elizabeth says, “It’s very difficult being dyslexic – you feel ashamed and embarrassed. Dyslexia can have an impact on self-esteem and low confidence particularly with respect to reading and writing.” She also points out that many creative people, including Picasso, Cher, Benjamin Zephaniah as well as influential business leaders like Richard Branson are also dyslexic. Perhaps the struggle makes them more determined to succeed. Prolific crime novelist Agatha Christie was dyslexic, so had to contend with it every day, but she managed to write 66 novels as well as other works.

Elizabeth is currently studying for Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia
Specialist Teaching and to be able to officially assess dyslexia in people, so they can receive the assistance they need. “I want people to be able to fulfil their potential,” she says, “that’s the aim behind A2i Dyslexia.”

Author: This article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce’s resident blogger and copywriter –

Highly Popular at the Houses of Parliament – Wandsworth Chamber Event

L-R Jane Ellison MP, Steve Pinto, Douglas Shanks

Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce held a highly popular event at the Jubilee Room of the Houses of Parliament last Thursday. As Battersea, Balham and Wandsworth MP Jane Ellison is President, members of the Chamber and guests were treated to an evening of networking, food and drink in pleasant surroundings.

Steve Pinto, the Chamber’s CEO caused some hilarity when he said that as there were several Chairmen present – he’d invited some Chairs of other Chambers of Commerce – so he had to address several people as Chairman.

Around 80 people attended, from many different businesses, organisations, and charities, including Chamber regulars, and people who were new or haven’t been to the friendly events before. The food was particularly good, supplied by Christopher Events caterers.

Jane Ellison, who is now a Minister at the Treasury, said, “I am here to hear from you directly about what you need from local and national government to support businesses.”

Steve Pinto says, “We are extremely grateful for the terrific support from all of our local MPs. Patron Memberships have been going well and Access Self Storage and LeBureau are upgrading to Patron Memberships.” Steve mentioned how the Chamber had introduced developers to the concept of co-working space, as exemplified by LeBureau.

Steve also talked about Lioness, the Wandsworth business loyalty card which is being planned at the moment, which also will raise money for local community work, and BBX – another method which allows businesses to trade off spare capacity.

The Engineering Business Growth programme will have mentoring and support for new and growing business ventures.

Sarah Banham, vice president of the Chamber and Director of Communications, Battersea Power Station Development Company told the audience, Phase One’s first resident moved in last Thursday. 866 Flats are available so people will move in gradually, plus the retail sites will open in the summer, then the Phase One parks will open later on. Lots of local companies are getting the operational side getting the development ready. “We want to support local businesses.” She talked a lot about Tunnel Boring Machines – all have to have names. There are five now tunnelling under that part of London.

Jobs and skills have been good for the local area, with a service excellence programme run by the Development. They also have a charity arm called the Battersea Power Station Foundation, which gives small grants to grassroots organisations. It is not just residential, but commercial, retail and leisure spaces.

Creative Events are launching a Wandsworth Business Digital Magazine to help local businesses to flourish – initially there will be three issues per year.

Chairman Douglas Shanks gave a humorous round-up speech where he explained

how much personal benefit his long membership of the Chamber had given him. He seconded Steve Pinto’s appreciation of Wandsworth Council’s Economic Development Office (EDO) which has been consistent in its support of the Chamber and local businesses.

Author: This article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce’s resident blogger and copywriter –

Calling London Coffee Lovers – Launch Event

Come To The Independent Roastery Launch Of ‘Chimney Fire Coffee’ In Battersea Square Gallery on 15 December 2016

Fancy yourself as a coffee expert? Then come and witness some live roasting, try some coffee ‘cupping’ and sample some espresso martinis at Chimney Fire Coffee’s launch event at Battersea’s Square Gallery at SW11 3RA on 15th December from 6 until 10pm.

Earlier this year, Dan Webber set up Chimney Fire Coffee – an independent coffee bean importer and roaster run from a hand-built and sustainable back-garden laboratory-cabin, nicknamed ‘The Labin.’


Having worked all over the world on coffee sourcing and traceability projects, Dan understands quality coffee and the time and effort it takes to produce it: “Like with all traded goods, there is increasing emphasis on provenance and ethical standards. Our dream at Chimney Fire Coffee is to source high-quality, single-origin coffee directly from people we know and trust and deliver it to consumers who can appreciate the flavour profiles and the effort it takes to produce this brew we have come to know and love’.

Chimney Fire Coffee’s mentality is not to simply sell a product but to give coffee drinkers the tools and information they need to enjoy the experiential art of coffee tasting, the same way we would wine-tasting.
In keeping with this mindset, Chimney Fire Coffee offers ‘The Labin Coffee Tour’, through Airbnb, where you can learn the art of coffee cupping and hand roast a coffee blend to your personal taste.

Go to to learn more about Chimney Fire Coffee, order some of their products, or book a Labin Coffee Tour.

Battersea Spanish

Autumn is here and Battersea Spanish is kicking it all off with a fun-packed term, bigger and better than ever! From Spanish for adults and kids, dances courses in Flamenco, Tango and Salsa, to a series of great social events exploring Spanish and Latin American culture, there is definitely something for everyone! To find out more, why not check out our website


ToddlePass provides parents with access to hundreds of amazing kids’ classes in London all in one pass – we think you’ll love it!

Why ToddlePass? We dreamt up ToddlePass based on our experiences as parents raising a young daughter in London. We wanted our daughter to attend a variety of classes – explore new things, discover what she enjoyed, and learn and develop along the way. But we found it daunting, time consuming, and expensive to search and book classes with multiple providers. So we built ToddlePass to make booking kids’ classes easy and fun (the way it should be!), and help parents give their kids the best possible start to their early development.

How it works. ToddlePass allows parents to book hundreds of amazing kids’ classes through one membership (for ages 0 to 6). You can browse classes on your phone or laptop, book at the push of a button, and save up to 50% on class prices. We’ve scoured London for the best providers in sports, dance, music, arts, science, languages … you name it! And there’s no commitment – you can cancel/pause your membership anytime, and cancel bookings up to 24 hours in advance.

Interested in ToddlePass? Visit us at and sign up to be the first to know when we launch near you!

Most importantly – we would love your feedback! ToddlePass is built by parents, for parents. If you know of amazing providers you think should be on ToddlePass or simply want to let us know what you think – please reply to this thread or email us at Look forward to hearing from you!