The Diamond Jubilee Bridge – Spring Update

Update from Chris Medland, One-world design architects

Happily, as reported in February the bridge has met its planning deadline of March this year and has commenced with the issue of a certificate of Lawfulness by Wandsworth Council in regard to the piles installed on site in Battersea by Barratt London.

Design Copyright handed to Wandsworth

Since February, and Wandsworth Council taking a lead role, One World Design has granted the design licence to the Council pro-bono in order that they can progress the project. The bridge now finds itself in a holding pattern with conversations occurring between Wandsworth and Hammersmith & Fulham Councils, central government, TfL and the Mayor of London. Essentially the key question it seems is no longer if the bridge will be completed, it is a question of when.


Public Sector Funding

The key inhibiter to immediate progress is funding. We understand that around 30 – 40% of the funding is in place and that other funding streams are being investigated with efforts by Wandsworth and Jane Ellison MP in particular. The bridge is public and would be owned and maintained by the council and does meet the criteria for TfL funding. The Mayor of London remains supportive but has said that in terms of funding, even though the TfL business case and cost review was favourable, his priorities are Eastward. Ultimately the priorities of TfL are dictated by the Mayor.

Hot Topic

The recent apparent demise of the Garden Bridge and the relaunch of the Nine Elms Bridge proposal has meant that new river crossings are a hot topic. The Diamond Jubilee Bridge has been mentioned in some of the press and won a recent poll by BD magazine which asked its readers what bridge they felt was most deserving to be built. The link to this article is here:

Right now, whilst bridges are a hot topic we would like your assistance in two ways if your feel it appropriate. Firstly we need to get the message out there that this opportunity exists for the right backer. If that means going on Vanesa on Air or LBC to explain the endeavour that would be fine, equally so a wider audience could be gained through a piece in the Evening Standard, Metro or alike or indeed something like an inflight, lifestyle or corporate magazine –do you know anyone who can help make this happen? Secondly, and more directly, you may work or be related too or friends with someone that may be the link in the chain to a potential backer. If you have a contact that may be happy to help any of these things happen then please do contact

Chris Medland RIBA

tel:     0203 2020049

The Diamond Jubilee Bridge

Boris Johnson says Yes!

Jubilee footbridge

Jubilee footbridge

Including todays announcement from the GLA, the diamond jubilee bridge now has all 3 planning consents required and efforts are underway with regard to funding (with positive inroads being made) to make this a reality.

Revised plans for a £22million foot and cycle bridge across the Thames in London

Revised plans for Diamond Jubilee Bridge

Plans for a £22million foot and cycle bridge across the Thames in London, designed by One-World Design, has been given the green light

The crossing, dubbed the Diamond Jubilee Bridge, has been approved by Hammersmith and Fulham council’s planning committee.

Diamond Jubilee Bridge designed by One-World Design, which were approved in November 2013

Diamond Jubilee Bridge, designed by One-World Design, which were approved in November 2013

The scheme, designed by architect Chris Medland of One-World Design, includes a 170m-long bridge to connect Imperial Wharf and Chelsea Harbour, where the Queen boarded the royal barge for the diamond jubilee flotilla last year, to Battersea on the south side of the river.

It will be made of three spans with three arches and will be open 24-hours-a-day.