Minon Madness at Asda Clapham Junction

London’s Asda Clapham Junction store has held Minions language lessons using a motion activated themed checkout, complete with Minion themed bananas.

To celebrate the launch of the new Minions movie, the store created the checkout, which surprised shoppers by shouting out memorable Minion sounds as they passed through.

Colleagues at the store then repeated the phrases, saving their best for when any Minion-themed BANANAS were purchased (pictured above).

Shoppers’ reactions to the checkout were filmed with the best efforts shared on social media.

Clapham Junction store manager, Glenn Ries, said: “We know our customers love Minions but to truly be despicable you need to speak the language, that’s why we created our checkout to help people understand the difference between their Bob, and their bananas.

Victory in Asda Name Battle

Campaigners have succeeded in persuading ASDA that their store is in Clapham Juntion, Battersea – not Clapham.  Various members of the Streetbook.com online community have lobbied ASDA head office over the inaccurate branding and eventually prevailed. Local Manager Mick Beck held a poll at the store and the results were conclusive:

  1. Asda Clapham Junction 374 votes
  2. Asda Battersea 350 votes
  3. Asda Clapham Junction Battersea 109 votes
  4. Asda Clapham 91 votes

Mike Beck was quoted as saying

“I’m delighted that we have finally come to a decision on the store name, we’re incredibly proud of our location and we would like to thank our customers who took the time to come in and vote – here’s to the new and improved, ASDA Clapham Junction, Battersea.”

Quite why ADSA believed local people thought they lived in Clapham remains a mystery. Perhaps it was a case of innocent ignorance?

Campaigners have pledged to remain vigilant, and will look out for any other CJ misnomers.

Residents up in arms over Asda Clapham claims

A argument has broken out over the branding of the Asda store in Clapham Junction as “Asda Clapham”. The online forum of local website Streetbook which boasts around 800 local members has been detailing the correspondence between Asda corporate marketers and local people who are upset that the store brands itself ‘Clapham’.

The offensive Asda sign

he offensive Asda sign

As one says “Am I the only one hacked off that ASDA in Clapham Junction (The Heart of Battersea)claims to be in Clapham, Lambeth?”

Asda remain defiant: “if we were to change the name of the store it would lose it’s identity in the local area.” Clearly they miss the point. It’s not clear if these decisions are made locally or at head office, but a glance at a map would surely clear this up very quickly and simply.

What do you think?

Do you think the Asda store is in Clapham or Battersea or Clapham Junction? Does it matter? Please comment below.

Road improvements go ahead

A scheme to reduce traffic congestion around clapham junction is going ahead. The plan is to allow traffic heading for Falcon road to turn right opposite the library on Lavender Hill and go down the Asda link road.

This will reduce congestion around the main crossroads at clapham junction and make residents safer and more secure.