Minon Madness at Asda Clapham Junction

London’s Asda Clapham Junction store has held Minions language lessons using a motion activated themed checkout, complete with Minion themed bananas.

To celebrate the launch of the new Minions movie, the store created the checkout, which surprised shoppers by shouting out memorable Minion sounds as they passed through.

Colleagues at the store then repeated the phrases, saving their best for when any Minion-themed BANANAS were purchased (pictured above).

Shoppers’ reactions to the checkout were filmed with the best efforts shared on social media.

Clapham Junction store manager, Glenn Ries, said: “We know our customers love Minions but to truly be despicable you need to speak the language, that’s why we created our checkout to help people understand the difference between their Bob, and their bananas.

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