Victory in Asda Name Battle

Campaigners have succeeded in persuading ASDA that their store is in Clapham Juntion, Battersea – not Clapham.  Various members of the online community have lobbied ASDA head office over the inaccurate branding and eventually prevailed. Local Manager Mick Beck held a poll at the store and the results were conclusive:

  1. Asda Clapham Junction 374 votes
  2. Asda Battersea 350 votes
  3. Asda Clapham Junction Battersea 109 votes
  4. Asda Clapham 91 votes

Mike Beck was quoted as saying

“I’m delighted that we have finally come to a decision on the store name, we’re incredibly proud of our location and we would like to thank our customers who took the time to come in and vote – here’s to the new and improved, ASDA Clapham Junction, Battersea.”

Quite why ADSA believed local people thought they lived in Clapham remains a mystery. Perhaps it was a case of innocent ignorance?

Campaigners have pledged to remain vigilant, and will look out for any other CJ misnomers.

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