Update on Winstanley/York development: nothing new

Author: Cyril Richert

Update on Winstanley/York development: nothing new

Plan as shown in the “update” booklet: still cluster of 20+ storey towers near Flacon Bridge, despite Crossrail saying this area is reserved for station entrance.

On the last day of 2015, Wandsworth Council published a detailed booklet updating residents on the regeneration scheme for the Winstanley and York Road estates. You can also download a copy now from the council’s website.

There is nothing really new about the plan. Actually the so-called “update” does not even consider at first the issue caused by the safeguarded zone between Grant Road and Falcon Bridge, where Crossrail 2 intends to build one of their station entrances, and part of the Clapham junction station redevelopment. In February 2015 the Council wrote to Crossrail: “The Council is concerned that once the safeguarding is issued, TfL would not allow these proposed developments to proceed.” 

On March 24th, the government updated plans to protect the proposed route for Crossrail 2 from conflicting development and the full area between Falcon Road and the Grant Road station entrance is still protected, which is preventing developments.

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Ignoring all the issue, the Council is still explaining on page 8 of the booklet that they intend to redevelop the Bramland zone (that they never consulted on) and images show a cluster of very tall towers:

“The Station Piazza The new public square will provide a more welcoming gateway for visitors to Clapham Junction with clear, tree-lined routes leading from the station entrance. There will also be spaces for the public to meet and gather around cafes, facilities and shops. New mixed-use developments will allow residential accommodation at upper levels and retail and commercial uses at lower levels, providing employment opportunities to many. Improvements to the landscaping and public realm will help to reduce pavement clutter and provide easier, clearly defined crossings for pedestrians and cyclists”

Update on Winstanley/York development: nothing new

Station Piazza as seen by the Council in December 2015, ignoring that Crossrail2 intend to locate their entrance at that place in 2030 and said so since March 2015!

It is only on the following page that they acknowledge of the “small” problem caused by Crossrail 2:

“The Council is working with TfL to clarify what space will be needed for the Crossrail 2 construction site and the impact this has on the timing of development.”

Update on Winstanley/York development: nothing new

Protected area for Crossrail up to 2030 … just where the Council is planning to locate a cluster of towers.

Another PR communication, disconnected from reality for Wandsworth Council?

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