Air Quality – The Invisible Killer – Let’s Make It Better Together

Air Quality Graphic

Air Quality Graphic

Shockingly, air quality in some parts of Wandsworth is quite poor, even compared with other areas of London, which has generally bad air quality by the standards of the rest of the UK. Air pollution has been called the “Invisible Killer”. It has been estimated that air pollution causes thirteen times as many deaths as road accidents. It is only in the past few years that the full scope of this problem has become apparent. Around 10,000 Londoners die prematurely every year as a result of poor air quality. Wandsworth Borough has been made an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) because it exceeded the permissible amount of air quality for Nitrogen Dioxide and tiny chunks of pollution known as ‘particulates’. Although the council are attempting to improve air quality, by actively reducing emissions from their own buildings, vehicle fleet and deliveries as well as supporting walking, cycling and an overall reduction in vehicle usage, we all have a responsibility to take steps to reduce pollution, from our vehicles and equipment.

Today, Tuesday 20th October Wandsworth Radio ( are hosting a programme at 6.30 pm to discuss this serious problem which potentially affects all of us, although vulnerable people, like children, the elderly, and those suffering from health conditions like asthma are at greatest risk. Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, Steve Pinto will be on the programme. He says, “Air pollution is the biggest killer next to smoking. It is important to raise this issue, and increase awareness of it, so that people can take action. We all use vehicles, fuel in boilers, businesses have a supply chain, so it is important to examine how to reduce the pollutants. At Wandsworth Chamber we are setting an example by using an electric car – which we have christened “Evy” – instead of a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle.”

One free option for mini-cab drivers, which Wandsworth Council has available, is ‘Drive Style’ training which takes one hour and will give expected savings of around £60 per month for every driver. See for details or contact

Steve Pinto says, “Be aware of the seriousness of poor air quality, increase your knowledge of the impacts and solutions and take action.” Listen to him on on Tuesday 20th October at 6.30 pm.

Author: This article was written by Julian Jackson, Wandsworth Chamber’s resident blogger and copywriter –

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