CJTCP – meeting 15 January 2015: feedback

Author: Cyril Richert

As usual when I attend the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership (business associations) meeting, I give a quick feedback on some specific points that were discussed.

Business report: The Council has currently appointed a team to overview the options towards self-sustainability. The current Town Centre partnership Board structure will remain at least for the next 2 years, until January 2017.

Lavender Hill: Cllr Guy Senior suggested funding the repaving of Lavender Hill from BAC to Lambeth (as TfL has already agreed to extend the Exemplar scheme from the Post Office to the BAC for £0.5 million) with the 15% share of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that has to be spent on local projects.

The current 15% “pot” for Battersea locality (about 1 mile away from CJ station) is £245k. He suggested 2 options:

  1. same pavement as existing with cost ~£200k;
  2. upgrade to upper quality pavement (Exemplar scheme for example) and cost ~£700k. Options b means to wait for longer as the 15%CIL depends on the amount of new constructions granted in the area.

Cllr Senior said that CJ was luckier than Tooting, which has a “pot” of only £20k as there are no many new large constructions.

Cllr Senior said that the Council has no more money and rely only on CIL funding for improvements (made a comment saying that under the current £50 million cuts, they have absolutely no additional funding available; the council’s budget is only used for repairs). However he acknowledged that there is a possibility to use some of the 85% CIL money too.

Other options to spend locally the 15% share of the CIL are: Xmas lights; gardens; LED street lights

In other words, the message from the Council is: if you want improvement in your area, you have to accept larger developments!

 Northcote Road: 12th July 2015: Summer feast

Central Junction: Platform 17th extension has been completed on December 20th. Footfall in the shopping centre is 10.5 million.

Crime report: 70 crimes (-17%)

Planning: P.A. 2014/6976 for a motor-racing event in Battersea Park. BP is currently the only application made. The Park will not be available at all for the 2 days of the event (weekend). The event set-up is to begin on 15th June 2015. The dismantling and reinstatement is to be completed by 3rd July 2015. The option for the event is for the next 5 years. 30,000 people are expected at the event.


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