Display hoarding appeal dismissed at Clapham Junction

Author: Cyril Richert

Display hoarding appeal dismissed at Clapham JunctionFollowing the refusal by the Council to grant planning permission to erect a (temporary) large, externally illuminated advertising hoarding at Clapham Junction, outside of Wessex House (St John’s Hill), the appeal lodged by the owner has been also dismissed by the Planning Inspector on July 30th, 2014.

The Inspector said:

“Whilst this would have the potential for an adverse effect on  the appearance of the CJCA it would not be as great as the significant negative  impact of the proposed large illuminated advertisement in this prominent site  in a Conservation Area, close to Listed Buildings. The limited benefit of the work to the bulding does not outweigh the harm that would be caused. On  balance, therefore, I consider that the proposal would not preserve the character and appearance of the CJCA.

For the reasons given above I conclude that the display of the scaffold screen building wrap advertisement would be detrimental to the interests of amenity.”

Read the full decision here. Planning application 2014/0492.

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