Still waiting for news from the architects for CJ station

Author: Cyril Richert

In our latest conversation (March 2013) with the architects contacted by Delancey last autumn about the redevelopment of Clapham Junction station (for producing a high level feasibility study to assist their client in assessing the scheme) we were told that they were still waiting for the client to come back to them. They have agreed to arrange a meeting to talk about their project, as soon as they have more information from their client.

AHMM has been appointed by Metro Shopping Fund (MSF/Delancey – the owner of the site) to carry out a study to assess the feasibility of development at Clapham Junction station.

Officially they were hired to “look at potential development options for Clapham both in terms of minimal improvement and wider redevelopment of the site“. However when I talked to one of their architect, he mentioned the “complex and high potential of the site“, which does not sound like a simple clean up of the current shopping gallery! ;-)

Below is one of their latest plan for a 27 storey tower at Stratford, east London.

AHMM building at Stratford

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