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JEGS High School

JEGS High School is a proposed new 11-18 community High school in Battersea, Wandsworth.

The vision for the school is described as

To build brilliant learners that will achieve brilliant outcomes, irrespective of background; Economic or Social – “Nothing is impossible”……!

Specialist Areas

  • Languages,
  • Mathematics
  • Enterprise Education

JEGS High School will open in 2013 and admit 100 students each year into year seven. It will then grow every year, until 2019 when it reaches full capacity.

Special features

  • A small school that allows us to model curriculum to suit the needs of our students and foster stronger relationship with them.
  • It will value, emphasise and promote good behaviour in a caring environment
  • With Specialism in Languages, Mathematic & Enterprise.
  • Small class sizes of only 20 students will allow us the opportunity to offer more personalised service to our students, hence, ensuring that no child is left behind.
  • 5 GCSE Minimum school leaving criteria, including English & Mathematics.
  • Extended School Day that keeps students positively engaged throughout the day.
  • Saturday school, to provide extra support and enrichment programme for our students.

 Christian Ethos

The school website says “Our school is a Non-denominational School with strong Christian Ethos.” However it does not expand on this – whether or not it will selective on intake according to religion for example.

Your Views

The backers are currently running a survey to guage interest. Read more here.

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