Clapham Junction Riots

Clapham Junction Riots

Residents survey the destruction

A night of rioting and looting left Clapham Junction residents shaken this morning as they surveyed the damage. Most of the shops around the Clapham Junction areas of St Johns Hill, Lavender Hill, Falcon Road and St John’s Road were damaged in last night’s disturbances.

Local people’s comments

I can hear the helicopters outside and police sirens. i am watching the news about what is happening. So sad that our high street is getting trashed. The news tells about 13 years old and young teenagers looting my local area.

I hope this is not something that happens all the time in London or anywhere for that matter. I am scared to take my child outside my flat now. its sad

Ah, just arrived back home to good olde Blighty (after a week in the Med) to the familiar sights and sounds of home. Yes, the welcoming sight of masked youths returning back to my estate after a hard days looting. And the soothing sounds of burglar alarms ringing at the end of the road mixed with the roar of police helicopters overhead. Yes it’s good to be back

The police need more resources to deal with this. If that means bringing in the army as well so be it. Having seen the You Tube footage of some of these events I don’t think a peaceful unified community

Yes, we pay our taxes and yes, we expect to feel protected but if it flares up again tonight is a peaceful unified community action out of the question given the extreme circumstances?

It will be 10 times worse tomorrow and 100 times more horrific next week. The police are already 3 hours late to react to any intelligence.

Smashed Windows in Clapham Junction

Smashed Windows in Clapham Junction

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