Platform 1 Clapham Junction

In 2012, users of Clapham Junction station may have noticed the mysterious renumbering of platforms. Curious, we asked for an official explanation and here’s what we were told

The old platform 1 (disused) has now become platform ZERO but is not advertised as it will be never used. The old platform 2 in now platform 1, and there is a new platform 2 is being built for the new London Overground Rail Operators Ltd (LOROL) service which starts in December 2012

So now you know. Many thanks to John Walsh at SW Trains for providing us with the information.

Platform 1 at  Clapham Junction railway station

The old platform 1 has now become platform ZERO

Busy station

Clapham Junction railway station is located at St John’s Hill in the south-west of Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It is not in Clapham but the area, influenced by the station, is commonly known as Clapham Junction. Many routes from London’s two busiest termini, Waterloo and Victoria funnel through Clapham Junction.

By number of trains passing through each day, some 2000 (most of which stop), it is the busiest railway station in Britain, and in Europe as signage of 17 June 2005 proclaimed. It is less busy by the number of passengers, most of whom pass straight through. Interchanges make some forty per cent of the activity and by that count too it is the busiest station in the UK.