McDonalds given a high-tech makeover to feature new self-service kiosks, digital menu boards and tablet computers.

Wandsworth Deputy Mayor Leslie McDonnell unveils Clapham Junction McDonald’s dramatic transformation at grand opening
Investment in Clapham by local franchisee is part of McDonald’s biggest investment in the UK to date, creating a fast, easy and more digital offering

McDonald’s in Clapham Junction has recently hosted a grand opening by the Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth. The newly refurbished restaurant has undergone an exciting, and major transformation following local franchisee Kalpesh Patel’s investment in improving the experience for local customers. This is the biggest investment McDonald’s has ever made in Clapham and will provide the foundations for current and future changes to the McDonald’s menu and service experience.

This significant investment demonstrates the ongoing commitment from all McDonald’s franchisees’ across the UK and signals the start of an extensive restaurant evolution programme. Many of the new features from the Clapham Junction restaurant will begin to appear in other McDonald’s restaurants across the UK.

Digital innovation is at the heart of the transformation. The big changes focus on providing customers with more choice as to how they order and pay, adapting how the food is prepared and served and offering new technological features to create an environment that is even more welcoming and enjoyable.

State of the art, self-order kiosks will give customers the option of a brand new experience when choosing and ordering their food at McDonald’s. They will be able to browse the entire menu and check out the nutritional information of each meal at the same time. Once customers have completed their order, they pay swiftly by card or contactless, and then go straight to a designated area of the counter to pick up their order. In the kitchens, new lay-outs and increased technology means McDonald’s iconic products will be made specially to order for customers, with every burger and wrap being freshly prepared.

To complete the digital transformation, free to use tablets will be installed at some tables for customers who want to check their newsfeed and emails or play the latest games. The restaurant redesigns will also include a striking new décor to create an enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy.

Local franchisee Kalpesh Patel started his career with McDonald’s at the age of 17 as a part time crew member. 18 years later, he now runs 15 restaurants across south and south west London, including the one in Clapham Junction. His restaurants contribute £13.1 million* to the local economy and he employs over 950 people. He said: “We’re thrilled about the transformation because we’re committed to offering our customers’ more choice and fast service.”

“Technology has a huge role to play in all walks of life, including our customers’ eating out experience, so the new tech we’ve introduced recognises the way people live their lives today. The response to the changes from my team has been very positive and they are enjoying the new ways of working. To ensure we continue to create an outstanding customer experience, I am also continuing to invest in my people through our industry-leading training programmes and career opportunities. ”


Paul Pomroy, CEO, McDonald’s UK, said: “We are confident that the investment we are making will bring new and exciting changes to McDonald’s in Clapham Junction and across the rest of the UK. We’ve listened to customer feedback and know we need to modernise further in order to move the McDonald’s experience on, and remain relevant to the lives of the 3 million customers that we serve daily. Our converted restaurants like the one in Clapham Junction will deliver a fast and easy experience, aided by digital and traditional ordering points ensuring we continue to be enjoyed by our customers.”

As McDonald’s constantly strives to bring more innovation to customers in the UK; the future could see even more exciting features introduced if current trials prove successful. These include the option to customise the classic burgers that customers know and love, ordering and paying by smartphone. A small number of restaurants will also pilot ‘table service’, with the option to have food delivered direct to where people are sitting. Customers in some restaurants will also be able to enjoy interactive table-tops games whilst they share a meal and even charge their smartphones using wireless charging devices.

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